Teymur is a good mother

by Volker Weber


Thanks to a little help from Teymur, I can now build things like this. And to continue the #inception, I am paying forward some of the coffees you bought me to buy coffee for Teymur. Feeling good.



Don't torture us any longer and share how this is done! ;-)

Stephan Wissel, 2018-04-06

It is a single photo and lots of screenshots, of the iPhone camera, of the Watch controlling the iPhone camera, of the website, of the website containing a screenshot of the website. What Teymur helped me with was making the area around my iPhone frame transparent. The easy part is overlaying the frame over the screenshots and then assembling everything.

Now try to explain what you see without recursion. :-)

Volker Weber, 2018-04-06


Stephan Wissel, 2018-04-07

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