Why Zuckerberg's 14-Year Apology Tour Hasn’t Fixed Facebook

by Volker Weber

By 2008, Zuckerberg had written only four posts on Facebook’s blog: Every single one of them was an apology or an attempt to explain a decision that had upset users. ... I’m going to run out of space here, so let’s jump to 2018 and skip over all the other mishaps and apologies and promises to do better—oh yeah, and the consent decree that the Federal Trade Commission made Facebook sign in 2011, charging that the company had deceptively promised privacy to its users and then repeatedly broken that promise—in the intervening years.

By now, it ought to be plain to them, and to everyone, that Facebook’s 2 billion-plus users are surveilled and profiled, that their attention is then sold to advertisers and, it seems, practically anyone else who will pay Facebook—including unsavory dictators like the Philippines’ Rodrigo Duterte.

Just yesterday, an insider asked me "Getting your eyes opened to Facebook?" and went on to say: "I have met Mark (and Sheryl) and watched them for a long time. I watched him a few years back knowingly lie to the audience about privacy (and it was a tech crowd, which many knew he was lying)." Facebook has leaders who don’t even know what an ethical compass is. Growth at all costs is their goal.

It will get worse.

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