Unconfirmed Sonos news

by Volker Weber


A couple of items that came up yesterday:

Nobody I know has heard of Google Assistant on Sonos One, yet. Next version of the Sonos software appears to be another snoozer.


"Airplay 2 may eventually come to Play:5 (2nd gen), Playbase, and One"

I just received an eMail from Sonos:

"Apple AirPlay 2 wird noch dieses Jahr auf Sonos verfügbar sein. Damit kannst du dann Sound von deinem iPhone, iPad oder Mac auf dem Play:5, der Playbase und dem Sonos One erleben. Jeder dieser Speaker ist in der Lage, AirPlay 2 für dein gesamtes Home Sound System freizuschalten."

Also there is an blog entry on the sonos website: https://blog.sonos.com/de/airplay2-coming

So i guess that is confirmed now.

Daniel Meyer, 2018-04-26

For me this reads: AirPlay 2 coming to every Sonos product I do not own and to none of those which I do own (Play 1, Play 3, Play 5, Playbar).
Sad smiley.

Tobias Hauser, 2018-04-26

Replace those Play:3 and old Play:5. Huge upgrade.

Volker Weber, 2018-04-26

Right. The Play.3 was obsolete the moment the Play.1 entered the room.

I really liked the old Play.5, but boy, the Play.5 2nd gen is WAY better.

Daniel Meyer, 2018-04-26

Reading this it clearly states that you just need one of the newer speakers in your network, to be able to play Airplay 2 to all your speakers. So just buy a Sonos One and your house will be enabled.

Andy Mell, 2018-04-30

I believe it is a bit more complicated than that. You can target one of the newer speakers but then you need to group your other speakers with this one to play via Airplay 2. I may be mistaken though.

Volker Weber, 2018-04-30

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