Speculation about new Sonos Home Theater Speaker

by Volker Weber

sonos home speaker

In March Sonos filed a new home theater speaker with the FCC. Apparently it has both TOSlink and HDMI Input as well as the same touch control as Sonos One. Since people like to think in existing categories, they are speculating about replacements for Playbar or Playbase.

My fantasy is different. I think this is an voice-enabled speaker with many talents. This could serve as a center speaker for a more elaborate surround systems with other Sonos speakers as satellites. Imagine an existing 2xPlay:5 + Sub setup. Add this new speaker in the middle and you get a very powerful 3.1 setup with Alexa. It could also provide Dolby Atmos support. So many options …

This is of course my wishful thinking only. This might as well be completely self contained. Playbar is five years old and the Sonos industrial design has moved on. But I do think that there are applications for something bigger - and more expensive in the end. I am really happy with Playbase (plus Sub and rear speakers) but there are people who want to build a surround system with more oomph. On the other hand, Sonos could use an Atmos capable soundbar.

This might take some time. RM011 is Playbase, RM012 is Sonos One, RM013, apparently a Connect refresh, has been filed a while ago but has not shipped yet.


I very much like your train of thought.

Markus Dierker, 2018-05-01

Ignore me.

Stefan Rubner, 2018-05-01

I can't.

Volker Weber, 2018-05-01

Me neither.

Mariano Kamp , 2018-05-01

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