Google's Show of Force

by Volker Weber


The Google I/O Keynote was quite impressive. Machine learning, artificial intelligence, Google Assistant, Google Lens and so forth. I think Google Assistant passed the Turing Test already. This is of course all driven by your data. I never bother to look up a business website if I want to find out how I can call them or whether they are open. And if a business listing is missing opening hours, I find out and then add them myself, if only for future reference.

AI and ML depends on large volumes of data. That is why Google is so hungry for it. Without this data, you simply cannot compete with them, no matter how much money you pour into research.



Thomas Cloer, 2018-05-09

Interesing thing to see this comming.
Still, it all depends on the algorithms that will be used to make the ML/AI algorithms "learn" by themselves.
Only if we solve the problem that human do need to "train" AI/ML this will be successfull.

Funny conversation:

Johannes Koch, 2018-05-09

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