Fix that brand

by Volker Weber

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Photo Sugru

Sugru’s failure to reach the mainstream –and its subsequent sale to Tesa this week– shows how crucial the investment in branding and marketing is in order for impact driven companies reach scale.

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So they didn’t manage to make Sugru the base equipment of each junior scout. Guess Tesla batteries will be glued in with Sugru in the future

Stephan H. Wissel, 2018-05-21

Tesa, not Tesla.

Volker Weber, 2018-05-21

"I have a product that people didn't buy".

A "branding failure" or just a product that not enough people want?

Craig Wiseman, 2018-05-21

It's a shame they didn't manage to make it fly. Sugru really is an excellent product. It has always felt like an Internet product - I've never seen it in a supermarket or DIY shop or any shop. Let's hope Tesa manage to improve visibility.

Ian Bradbury, 2018-05-21

I think Tesa will make their own product using the same formula.

Volker Weber, 2018-05-21

Guess the broad hint is for IBM for what they did or didn’t with Lotus ...

Julian Ardeleanu , 2018-05-21

Well, i don't know about that. I am not sure this was a branding failure, more a unrealistic business plan to start with. They did get 20% sales growth year on year for the last few years, which is quite reasonable. In the UK Sugru was available at B&Q (the main DIY store here) and from my observations sold well.

Andy Mell, 2018-05-22

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