Farewell Sonos. Tempus fugit - amor manet.

by Volker Weber


Sonos founder John MacFarlane left a while ago, and handed the CEO job over to Patrick Spence, sitting to his right in the purple shirt. And last week Thomas Meyer shocked me by announcing he was moving on from Sonos.

Let's not mince words here. You know I can be brutally honest. It's a shame that Thomas is no longer with Sonos. It was his band, his once in a lifetime gig. He had a big part in making the company a household name. There were lots of talented engineers, but Thomas was the fifth element. He introduced me to the product. He never stopped pushing for excellence. Not when I was initially unconvinced they had something worth writing about, not when the company had all but forgotten me. Thomas never forgot. Neither do I.

Only if you lose your soul as a company, you let somebody like Thomas go.


Thomas, I have been - and always shall be - your friend.


Thank you sir. There are a lot of great things ahead @Sonos. I’m looking forward to continuing to cheer them on. T

Thomas Meyer, 2018-05-21

Of course, Thomas. I expect nothing else. But it's no longer a band.

Volker Weber, 2018-05-21

Best of luck to my namesake. :)

Thomas Meyer, 2018-05-21

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