AirPlay 2 is here

by Volker Weber

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This has been a long time coming. Announced almost a year ago, AirPlay 2 finally makes it into iOS 11.4 as well as the new software on Apple TV and HomePod. Sonos is in closed beta testing and should be done soon on One, Playbase, and Play:5 2nd gen. I don't have any Apple HomePods but I understand they can now be configured as stereo pairs, which was introduced on Sonos about eight years ago. Also, you can now play in multiple rooms, which ... (you get it).

I only have one AirPlay 2 capable device which is Apple TV 4k. The old AirPort Express will not be upgraded, as I understand. So, Apple TV it is.

Well, I gave it a serious try for about half an hour. And then I switched back to Sonos. Which is playing the music coming out of Apple TV anyway, without the extra loops through my network. I need to look at it again with HomePods and Apple Music.

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"Alexa, spiel Group Therapy von Above & Beyond im Wohnzimmer"


Du hörst ABGT? Hätte nicht damit gerechnet, Gerade hier einen anderen ABGT Fan zu treffen..

Bastian Anthon, 2018-05-30

Fan nicht. Aber ich habe einen breiten Musikgeschmack.

Volker Weber, 2018-05-30

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