Sonos and IKEA :: Symfonisk

by Volker Weber

12 SYMFONISK-2500x1667
Photo IKEA

When we now present the first SYMFONISK prototype to the world, it serves as an illustration of what this collaboration is all about: It’s a great sounding wi-fi speaker (that works with all Sonos products, by the way) designed to be beautifully integrated with the home furnishing overall – enabled by brackets that make it possible to use the speaker as a shelf, or to put it under a METOD kitchen cabinet, and more.

At its Democratic Design Days IKEA presents first ideas of how a joint product with Sonos might look like when it comes to market in the fall of 2019. The important take-away is that IKEA speakers will complement your existing Sonos system and that they will integrate into IKEA furniture. Sounds good to me.

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If Ikea/Sonos is interested, I once made a folded 1/4 wave horn design based on an Ikea Billy that seamlessly integrated with the other Billies. It sounded quite good (a matter of component selection). I could even imagine it to be adaptable to the flat-pack/assemble yourself language.

Frans Swarte, 2018-06-07

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