Nokia 7 plus :: A couple of weeks in

by Volker Weber

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Executive summary: I really like this phone.

Let's not beat around the bush: I use an iPhone X, and there is no other phone that could replace it, short of an even better iPhone. If anybody asks me, I would always recommend to get an iPhone, especially if you have the funds to afford one. That rules out a couple of high end Android "flagship" phones.

But what if you want to spend considerably less and still get a really great smartphone. In that case, seriously consider this phone. I have used it for a couple of weeks as backup and it has survived against strong competition in the Android space. I never bothered to put it into a protective sleeve, even though there is a protective clear TPU case in the box. It's just not slippery and I have not dropped it once. I don't care much for zero bezels, curved screens or other 2018 items on the checklist.

Yes, the main camera could use some software improvements, which you can witness if you try the Google camera instead of the Nokia one. But even with the Nokia camera I shot some great photos. And the selfie camera is outstanding, if that is your thing.

Techaltar is a bit undecided. On one hand, he really likes his Nokia 7 plus, but then he says he wants a better camera and maybe smaller bezels.

Jerryrigeverything finds it quite durable.


Danke, Volker. Ich habe eines im Haus und eines im Bekanntenkreis. Mir *persönlich* ist es zu wenig (speziell Display und Kamera). Es sieht 'real life' besser aus, als auf den Fotos, finde ich. Für mich als Samsung OLED Verwöhnten ist das Display zu blass, aber das bin nur ich. Einem Freund ist es z. B. zu knallig. Alles ist gut.

Wie sagte in der Formel Eins der Niki Lauda: Es geht um das Gesamtpaket. Und das stimmt hier.

Hubert Stettner, 2018-06-30

Wir hatten schon etliche Androids bei uns im Haushalt Samsung, Huawei, Sony,.. Aber das Nokia 7 Plus ist das Erste bei dem ich zufrieden bin. Man kann alles konfigurieren, keine unnützen Programme drauf. Der Akku hält zwei Tage und lädt schnell. Das Display kann im Vergleich zu anderen Geräten in der Preisklasse auch in der Sonne gut gelesen werden.

Max Bauer, 2018-07-01

Ich habe mir (mittlerweile) das Nokia für Tests von Android Enterprise unter AndroidONE zugelegt. Jetzt verstehe ich besser, warum Samsung Galaxy Geräte von Google nicht in die Liste der für AE empfohlenen aufgenommen wurden. Das scheint nicht nur politische Gründe zu haben. Beim Nokia gibt's hier nichts zu beanstanden. Zusammen mit Preis und den regelmäßigen Updates also durchaus prüfenswert für den Geschäftseinsatz.

Peter Meuser, 2018-07-01

Wir haben bei uns in der Firma 2 Nokia 3 im Einsatz. Prinzipiell gute Geräte da die hauptsächlich für Telefonie benötigt werden.
Leider haben die Geräte das Problem, das sie ganz häufig einfach weiter klingeln ob wohl der Anrufer gar nicht mehr anruft.

Christian Ott, 2018-07-01

Exactly what I thought when I picked one up late April on a visit to Switzerland. Because a always break phones, I didn't want to spend $1000 for just a short time. And I was right. I really enjoyed it and just finished the set up when it happened. I took a video and a wave of salt water came and enveloped the phone.
I immediately rinsed the phone in fresh water and put it into a box with rice to extract the moisture, followed by some time in an hot oven. But no, it wouldn't work anymore. When plugged in to the charger it just showed the androidone label and then restarted only to repeat the procedure over and over again. So i left it, plugged in, on my desk for about two weeks. Then I suddenly heard the Nokia start up tune. So I went and checked the phone. It started up in safe mode. Again I tried all sorts of things but I couldn't get it out of safe mode and found that the buttons for volume and power didn't respond. So I unplugged it and left it a few more days to drain the battery. Suddenly the volume buttons responded and I could unlock the phone with my fingerprint. Then I went back to factory settings and started from scratch. To my surprise the phone works again except the power button, it only works sometimes. So I unlock it with my fingerprint and don't turn it off. After a minute it goes to sleep. Kind of luck to have it working again and I hope it lasts until I get the chance to replace it.

Axel Seifried, 2018-07-01

I am not surprised you break things. And if you get a waterproof phone you will probably just drop it into the ocean. ;-)

Volker Weber, 2018-07-01

With the current exchange rate the price would probably be outside of my budget once it got released here. I wonder if their lower edition (1 / 2 / 5 /6) is also as impressive as this one.

Tinus Riyanto, 2018-07-02

Tinus, they won't be as impressive. Nokia, like all other manufacturers will take measures to cut cost. Cheaper chipsets, less RAM, less storage, smaller and cheaper screens, etc.

What I would advise to do is look out for the AndroidOne branding. This will give you a clean Android experience that can easily be updated IF the OEM wants to do it. As the phones get cheaper and less capable, software needs to be less demanding. This is where Android Go lives, for Nokia that is the 1 and the 2.1. Personally, I have no experience with these phones. Everything from 3.1 is AndroidOne. The cheaper phones have Mediatek chipsets, everything from the 6.1 is Snapdragon. The .1 phones are 2018.

Volker Weber, 2018-07-02

Happy to repeat it here: My wife just got her new 7 plus three days ago. Based on your reviews and recommendations I could convince her to move from Samsung to Nokia and she is absolutely happy with it. Great phone for a fantastic price (compared to what we all got used to in recent years). Thanks very much, Volker!

Jochen Kattoll, 2018-07-02

I bought my wife an N7 Plus following recommendations here and elsewhere. She was a very unhappy iPhone SE user and wanted to go back to Android.

She absolutely loves it.

Stephen Bailey, 2018-07-03

Can you get the Google Camera app from the store?

Vitor Pereira, 2018-07-15

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