Walking 100 km in a week #dontbreakthechain

by Volker Weber

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I needed to go from cycling back to walking. I just did not feel strong enough in my legs. So I set out to do 100.000 steps for three weeks in June, and then 100 km in the final week. I figured I would need a few weeks to build up muscle that I could use in the final week. This worked out OK. Yesterday I was feeling sick all day so I could only put in my steps in the evening.

14.300 steps a day takes you over 100.000 steps a week, but you need 18.000 a day to get past 100 km. I could have raised my daily move goal from 600 to 1000 but I did not want to put on too much pressure.

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I think I should be able to walk 4060 meters to complete the 100 km tomorrow before breakfast. :-)

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While I completed all rings every day of the month, I "only" earned the June challenge of completing them 29 times, but have yet to receive the full month. I am also missing a few 200% awards, including yesterday where I did 1200 instead of 600. And I still have that weird hole over three days in May. Good news though. Apple fixed the tally for my weeks with all rings completed. It no longer reads more weeks than Apple Watch has been on the market. It's getting better!

BTW: Did you catch the off-by-one error in the second screen shot. The week ends on 1. Jul. 2018 not 2. Jul. 2018.


Hi Volker,

Could you explain how you make these screenshots? I can off course make a screenshot of my X - but how do you put the device around it in your screenshots? Photoshop?

Tom Weeghmans, 2018-07-02

There are a couple of apps that do that for you. I am using a workflow that layers to images on top of each other and then collapses them to a single file.

Volker Weber, 2018-07-02

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