Android Security Updates

by Volker Weber

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So Android One beats BlackBerry. Surprised?

Armin Auth, 2018-07-13

Nokia 8 which is not part of Android One or Project Treble has the July update too. It seems some companies take their promsises of updates more serious than other ones.

Kay Werner, 2018-07-13

Our Nokia 6.1 devices are still on the June update which we got on the 26.06. The May Update was a disaster (random reboots while GPS was active). I hope HMD Global is getting back on track regarding the Nokia 6.1. I should have bought the Nokia 7 in retrospect.

Raphael Rehberg, 2018-07-13

Huawei P20 is also on Patch Level 5.5.2018.

Karl Heindel, 2018-07-13

Endlich kam das security patch vom 01. Juli 2018

Chris Frei, 2018-07-20

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