Be My Eyes :: What a wonderful idea

by Volker Weber


Be My Eyes is a free app that connects blind and low vision people with sighted volunteers and company representatives for visual assistance through a live video call.

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Wow, indeed. A great example of using technology to help in novel ways.

Hubert Stettner, 2018-07-20

Thanks for sharing.
Great idea, great app!!!

Horia Stanescu, 2018-07-20

Brilliant idea!

Ragnar Schierholz, 2018-07-20

a nice idea, indeed! But....

I joined (got the app) 2016. I received appr. 5 calls within 2 years and whenever I answered such a call no one was on the other end of that line !?

When I got these calls I became really nervous! What could be the thing, I ( I mean "I") might be able to help a blind person possibly on the other side of the globe!? And then, no one to talk to....!?

I found out, more than 1.4 million volunteers and only appr. 80.000 blind people using this app (more or less; please see wikipedia!).

In the meantime I deleted the app.... but am still more than happy to help anyone who needs help or asks.

Heiko Müller, 2018-07-22

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