Aus für Hipchat und Stride: Atlassian investiert in Slack

by Volker Weber

atlassian slack

Der australische Hersteller streicht die Segel im Markt für Echtzeit-Kollaboration und migriert die Kunden auf Slack.

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so on premise is officially dead for collaboration?

Kai Nehm, 2018-07-27

Not necessarily so. HCL thinks there is a market. We will see how this goes.

Volker Weber, 2018-07-27

Isn't that a coalition against a probably more dangerous opponent Microsoft Teams?

Tobias Zuegel, 2018-07-27


Volker Weber, 2018-07-27

There is also no on premises option for Microsoft Teams. On unrelated news Microsoft is offering additional 3 years of support for Windows and SQL Server 2008 (R2) if you move them to Azure VMs.
For on premises collaboration tools the CEO of Mattermost chimed in on the hacker news discussion offering migration support. Also gitlab is shipping mattermost as part of their on premises omnibus installation package, while havin invested in a few months ago.

Andreas Pfau, 2018-07-27

I liked Hipchat.
It would surprise me if Slack Technologies is still an independant company five years from now.

Henning Heinz, 2018-07-27

Stewart Butterfield made this mistake once, when he sold Flickr to Yahoo. I doubt he will do it again.

Volker Weber, 2018-07-27

Chatgrape offers an on premise solution p.e.

Reinhard Fellner, 2018-07-27

Jabber to the rescue. :-)

Martin Kautz, 2018-07-30

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