Tweets are ephemeral

by Volker Weber


I have no use for old tweets. So I delete them often. I would like to make this automatic without using any of the services that want access to my Twitter. Is anybody running a script on Lambda maybe?


This has been bothering me for some time, but I have amassed far too many tweets to handle this manually.

I will try, based on the command line utility t (, to write some bash and start mass deleting stuff. I will write here how this goes. Unfortunately, since just this very month, one needs to apply for a developer account to obtain the possibility to use their APIs, sigh.

Will try stuff like `t search all "from:fquednau since:2010-01-01 until:2010-12-31" | "extract id" | xargs t delete`

Will let know over here how this approach goes.

Frank Quednau, 2018-07-29

A scheduled task running Amnesia ( still works well for me. That still needs access to your twitter account, but runs locally.

Moritz Julian Ehlenz, 2018-07-29

Do you have any thoughts about Seems an interesting alternative to Twitter.

Pedro Meireles, 2018-08-14

Pedro, I encourage everybody to publish their own website, no matter which tool. I also encourage everybody to embrace RSS so that you can aggregate your sources yourself, without being fed by the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

Volker Weber, 2018-08-14

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