Death to the bullshit web

by Volker Weber

An honest web is one in which the overwhelming majority of the code and assets downloaded to a user’s computer are used in a page’s visual presentation, with nearly all the remainder used to define the semantic structure and associated metadata on the page. Bullshit — in the form of CPU-sucking surveillance, unnecessarily-interruptive elements, and behaviours that nobody responsible for a website would themselves find appealing as a visitor — is unwelcome and intolerable.

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Da hat er wohl ziemlich Recht, auch wenn das Kind schon seit Langem im Brunnen ersoffen ist.
(Interessant auch der Hinweis auf die "Bullshit Jobs".)

Kristof Doffing, 2018-08-02

Ein Artikel, der gut dazu passt:

Thomas Odorfer, 2018-08-02

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