Sonos as a platform

by Volker Weber

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I have a small frustration: the Sonos developer program is still invite only. If you could only see what is going on behind the curtain, you would understand so many things that are happening. For instance you would not complain about the ID that Sonos wants its customers to register. You have to be ready for what is coming.

Anyway, there is a developer program coming. It revolves around new APIs. Some of them are already being used by integration partners. All the third party controllers you see today, all the code on Github, that is all old stuff revolving around UPnP. If you seriously want to build something, you have to talk to Sonos so you can use a robust API instead of a reverse-engineered protocol.

What you see above is TunesMap, an Apple TV app that visualizes what is going on in a selected Sonos player of your household. It's built with the Sonos API. And I wish Sonos would unleash this to everybody so that you could start building crazy good stuff.


I registered as a private developer long ago, just because I was curious. But no response so far. Really looking forward to those APIs being available.

Benjamin Bock, 2018-08-04

Not sure why it does not work here. tvOS beta maybe? Can connect to Sonos speakers in the app but it does not show anything; cannot connect to Spotify: after entering the code in the browser the app does not "move ahead".

Bernd Schuster, 2018-08-06

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