Wired interviews Nick Millington :: Head of Product at Sonos

by Volker Weber


This is a fantastic interview with Nick Millington. I had the opportunity to speak with Nick Millington, Andy Schulert, John MacFarlane, and Patrick Spence at the tail end of 2015, and I find this interview to be very accurate. There is only one minor thing: the Play:5 saw the light of day as ZonePlayer S5 and was later rebranded. I was in the beta program for that speaker in 2009. It's also funny that Nick mentions the Russian iPod, which was a term invented here, picked up by Thomas (Meyer) and John and then made popular inside the company. The part I like best is when Nick calls John "a guy who lives three or four years in the future, and he takes for granted things that don't actually exist yet".

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Interesting article. I especially like this "We had a saying in the early days of Sonos that if there's one thing that absolutely has to work in version 1 of the software it's the ability to upgrade to version 1.1,"

Amy Blumenfield, 2018-08-15

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