A hot Apple autumn

by Volker Weber


September is usually the month when Apple announces new iPhones. And to keep everybody on message, it's usually iPhones and iPhones only. This year might be different. There is a lot going on. Let me go out on a limb:

I have no doubt that Apple will once again up the chip game. Last year's iPhone X still beats every other new device and I think Apple will make that gap larger. One area of possible improvement is Face ID. When it goes to iPad Pro it needs to unlock both in portrait and landscape mode. That may be coming down to iPhone X as well. Storage may go up to 512 GB. I can see the day when Apple ships a TB. Faster charging, maybe with USB-C to Lightning.

What I don't know is how Apple will change the portfolio of more affordable iPhones. Corporate buys tons of iPhone SE, and Apple still offers the 6S and 7 models in two sizes. It's possible they drop the 6S, keep 7 and 8, and refresh the SE. Or something completely different.

There are a couple of wildcards. Apple needs to update their Mac story. Successor to the MacBook and MacBook Air? What about the Mac mini? I think it is too early for Mac Pro. A Mac event may be separate, but I have no doubt it is coming before the year is out.


It is surprisingly quiet on the rumor front.
No leaks as well... seems that Apple has secrecy back under control this time.

Jens Nullmeyer, 2018-08-17

I don’t think so. Everybody seems to know what kind of iPhones there will be. Not much secrecy there.

And: I think the new SE will be the „middle“ sized iPhone with the lcd Display.

Johannes Matzke , 2018-08-17

"Faster charging, maybe with USB-C to Lightning."

You can already buy this in the store - with a Lightning to USB-C cable that comes with a USB-C power brick. Are you thinking that the cable comes in the box by default and the USB-A to Lightning becomes something you have to buy extra?

John Head, 2018-08-17

I think Apple will go USB-C on the power supply. That means USB-C to Lightning cable in the box. Both iPhone and iPad. It is but a wild guess. iPhone is difficult because people want a small charger and a fast charger. Not easy to pull off.

Volker Weber, 2018-08-17

Is apple going to return the tone back to iTunes as people no more downloads ringtones they have in their library

Sulayman Marena , 2018-08-19

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