is kaputt

by Volker Weber


Hardware startups are difficult. went bust a few weeks ago.


Disappointing, but as I've got fed up with replacing batteries, I've gradually stopped looking at them. Just noticed the last one (I have 4) died a few months ago and I never even noticed.

Chris Lindley, 2018-08-20

Tja Schade. Ohne die Cloud kann das Ding wohl nicht mehr genutzt werden.
Ärgerlich. Oder gibt es eine alternative App, die die Daten abgreifen kann ?

Viktor Dexheimer, 2018-08-21

Ich befürchte, die musst Du abschreiben.

Volker Weber, 2018-08-21

FWIW, a few github repositories appeared which seems related to - it seems to contain at least some code parts for Mother.. but I couldn't really find any mention of the peanuts. Somehow a bit disappointing that did not give any more details about shutting down, the only thing i found is: .. I have never received *anything* from them. (And I still don't know how "Hello" is affiliated with "".. just confusing to me)

Herbert Poul, 2018-08-31

Not at all. Hello Sense is a sleep aid and not affiliated with Sen.Se.

Volker Weber, 2018-08-31

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