Configuring Windows 10 Devices to Wake and Update Outside of Class time

by Volker Weber


Today, many productivity hours are lost due to software updates installing during class time resulting in frustrated users. Customers that are leveraging traditional management solutions such as System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) or other 3rd party tools don’t have an easy way of updating these devices outside of class time. Solutions such as Wake on LAN have been around for years, but with the move to wireless devices, it’s not a viable solution. SCCM supports wake timers, but only for desktop devices.

This blog post is not particularly new, but I wasn't aware of the options you have to enable automatic updates in hibernating machines at scale.

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MDM is a great tool for shared Windows 10 devices.
It even get´s better... but letß´s wait for Ignite.
Many schools still have clunky old Hardware an a lot of data is still stored on Servers in a classroom or somewhere in the basement or an office space. Not really locked down, sometimes just password protected, but not encrypted... Seen this some months ago, when a friend called me and told that the Servers in the school were stolen.
A lot of work is lost then... ok, they are now thinking about this:
Luckily they are in a place where VDSL is available, so that will be one of the first schools in Germany to go to cloud.

Jürgen Sting, 2018-08-21

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