Two exciting new Lenovo Yoga products

by Volker Weber

Lenovo has announced two super interesting new Yoga products at IFA 2018:

The Yoga C630 WOS is the first Windows machine with the Snapdragon 850 promising sufficient performance, a long battery life and continuous connectivity via LTE. If this thing works, it's a road warrior dream come true.

The Yoga Book C930 is the second iteration on a laptop without physical keyboard. Instead of the Wacom digitizer in the original Yoga Book, the Book C930 has an e-ink display that can display multiple keyboard layouts, hide/unhide the trackpad, serve as a drawing surface or be an e-reader that works in direct sunlight.

Watch Kevin introducing both machines.

Both aren't cheap. They start at 999 Eur including VAT, firmly in laptop territory, and can cost even more depending on configuration. The German press release says they start at 1199 Eur. I see both of them as experimental and super interesting at that. I really tried typing on the Wacom digitizer of the Yoga Book and never quite made it. And so far every single attempt at running Windows on non-Intel failed.

Either way, a test will not be boring.


Setting the youtube link to the end of the video is unexpectedly mean. ;-)

Tobias Traguth, 2018-08-31

Tobias Traguth, 2018-08-31

Tobias, das war keine böse Absicht. Ich war einfach nur unfähig. :-)

Volker Weber, 2018-08-31

Das dachte ich mir schon. Ist auch ein fieses feature von youtube, dass sich der Link sehr dynamisch der aktuellen Abspielposition anpasst.
Deswegen auch "unexpected". Ansonsten gilt wie immer "vowe is a good mother". :-D

Tobias Traguth, 2018-08-31

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