MacPaw releases CleanMyMac X

by Volker Weber


My favorite macOS housekeeping app just got better. What's new? Scanning your Mac is much faster now, MacPaw claims three times faster, to me it feels 10x faster. It also cleans known malware from your Mac. In my case it hasn't found any. It also speeds up your Mac by running maintenance scripts and offers to control your login items, launch agents, heavy consumers and terminates hung applications.


What I find most useful besides clearing up space on my smallish 250 GB drive is the ability to manage applications. Update them all from one space, uninstall them, including the junk they leave all over the place.


Yes, you can do many of those things manually. And no, it's not a free upgrade, but at least you get a 50% discount. How much is your time worth?

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Great product! One note is that here in the US they are offering 30% off and not 50%.

Bruce Elgort, 2018-09-05

Did you choose the Subscription or the One-Time Purchase?

Martin Kirchler, 2018-09-05

The site said right at the top “This week only save 30%”. I stopped there after reading 50% here.

Bruce Elgort, 2018-09-05

So, you believe that the update is worth the one-time purchase?
Or stay with Version 9.x for a little longer?

Jens Nullmeyer, 2018-09-05

My bad here Martin. I had to drill down to the upgrade option. I need some more coffee.

Bruce Elgort, 2018-09-05

Just upgraded our 5 Mac household license. Thanks for the reminder vowe

Jens-Christian Fischer, 2018-09-05

Re: discount: They offer 30% for new customers and 50% for upgrade.

But honestly: I like this site and vowe's advice, but this one I do not understand. Yes, the tool helps me cleaning the disk, but all the rest that they claim seems "fishy": My Mac gets faster because this tool removes data from the photo cache? They find "all the big files" that "cause errors" in my applications? Hm. Don't they double my RAM, by the way?

This alone I do not like, and having a subscription price for such a tool that you need 2 times / year I find weird. (Yes, there is a one-time fee, but it is quite expensive)

Jonas Rathert, 2018-09-05

It's also part of the monthly setapp subscription (10 USD/month - 2 licenses).

Markus Dierker, 2018-09-05

Jonas, try Setapp. Free trial for seven days. There are a LOT of apps in there worth a try. CleanMyMac is one of them.

And let me know how much you would like to pay for CleanMyMac.

Volker Weber, 2018-09-05

it's 50% if you are upgrading - 30% if you are a new user this week; I've bought it yesterday at 50% and choosed the subscription version this time.

Anton Seissl, 2018-09-06

Volker, I may check - although their offering to me looks as if there are two types of apps: a) those I do not need and b) those that I might need but already have and use cross-platform (todoist, OneNote, ...), so does not help. And that for a price higher than MS Office? No thanks.

And as you asked: A tool like CleanMyMac should be no more than EUR 30 / lifetime

Jonas Rathert, 2018-09-07

I use CleanMyMac. I have just installed and tried the CleanMyPC from the same company. I think it looks interesting too.

John Keys, 2018-09-08

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