App Zen :: Remove all apps you don't need from your iPhone

by Volker Weber


Hoarding apps is a terrible idea. So are 'free' apps.

The GuardianApp team has discovered that a growing number of iOS apps have been used to covertly collect precise location histories from tens of millions of mobile devices, using packaged code provided by data monetization firms. In many cases, the packaged tracking code may run at all times, constantly sending user GPS coordinates and other information.

Apple makes an honest effort to protect your personal information. But Apple cannot protect you from hoarding apps that you don't really need. I suggest a simple method to get rid of unneeded apps: move the apps you really need to page 1 of your homescreen. Move those you sometimes use to page 2, and put the rest on page 3ff. After a while you find out that you never go to page 3. And then you delete all apps not on page 1 or 2.

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I only have two pages but a lot of folders. Trying hard to keep it clean but right now 149 apps on the phone. 0 games btw.
Thank you for the reminder: will delete a few right away!

Samuel Orsenne, 2018-09-08

Boom. Down to 105. Still a lot though. How many do (all of) you have?

Samuel Orsenne, 2018-09-08

@Samuel: 175 on my Galaxy S7

Wolfgang Siebeck, 2018-09-08

4. Before anyone asks: I use (and recharge!) the phone every day! :-)

Jörg Hermann, 2018-09-08

That will be a though on for me. I am not sure if I am ready for this one, yet.
In my case number of apps is definitely out of control. There are currently about 85 apps in my app switcher history. I have to admit I use all of them regularly. Some of course way more often than others. Let‘s see where I can start. Thanks for the inspiration!

Markus Dierker, 2018-09-08

I do have a lot apps installed, and it's time to delete a few of them. But I can't do it, I'm afraid of that maybe sometimes I do need them. And so I never delete apps from my phone.

Karl Heindel, 2018-09-08

334 apps on my phone. Need to clean up and delete a few.

Adalbert Duda, 2018-09-10

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