What is your favorite iPhone Xr color?

by Volker Weber

iphone-xr-red-select-201809 AV3

I think the Xr is actually the most interesting of the new phones. It's crazy powerful, the entry level 64 GB model is plenty enough, and I think it has the most beautiful design. And, easily overlooked, it has the longest lasting battery of the new phones. But what about the colors?


Black and white are classic choices, and I find black more compelling since it's stealthy and the bezel is unnoticeable. But the red version is my far my favorite. Blue is OK, yellow and rocal are not. Xr will only become available next month.

Which color do you like best?


I agree with you, red seems to please me most, but I would like to see rocal first in reality before I would discard it.

As a side note, I already have a red silicon case for my iPhones for quite a while... not only for the color, but also for protection. I am not sure whether I would remove the case because these things are just too easily dropped when held without a case.

Ragnar Schierholz, 2018-09-13

Love yellow and coral. But does it matter, as it is usually hidden under a case? I need a case for the grip to not drop the phone all the time.

Hubertus Alvensleben, 2018-09-13

I am a classic silver aluminum white glass type.

My wife would love the red one.

Sven Richert, 2018-09-13

Yellow or blue. Miss green.

Martin Kautz, 2018-09-13

Minor misspelling at the end of the arctivle. The Xr - not the Xs, will only become available next month.

Michael Gaul, 2018-09-13

I like the blue one (could be a tad darker though). Too bad the bezels are all black, I'd use a case and therefore the back would be hidden. So I'd probably take the black one and a case in the color of my choice. But I'd like to see the colors in person first.

Joachim Bode, 2018-09-13

The phones look great, but don't most people put them in a plastic case?

Adam Osborne, 2018-09-13

if you want to resell your phone in a year or two, i recommend to choose the black or white one. Usually, other colors archieve a lower price. Just look at the golden or rose (brrrr!) phones at eBay and other plattforms.

Roland Dressler, 2018-09-13

Yellow or red, but I wonder, if it will be a success anyway. The iPhone 5C did not sell as expected.

Christian Tillmanns, 2018-09-13

Seeing the colour scheme, I cannot help getting a bit nostalgic - coincidence?

Frank Stoermer, 2018-09-13

yellow is the color of choice, no question.

Karl Heindel, 2018-09-13

As someone so old that I’ll soon need a watch to protect me from falling I can only vote for black.

Jochen Kattoll , 2018-09-13

Red. Product Red. If not the phone, than the cover.

Stephan Perthes, 2018-09-13

@Stephan: Yes! :-)

Marc Henkel, 2018-09-13

Jochen, the watch does not protect you from falling. It will only let others know that you just did. :-)

Volker Weber, 2018-09-13


Then maybe an iStick?

Jochen Kattoll , 2018-09-13

Easy. Product Red. :)

Abdelkader Boui, 2018-09-13

White - blue - red - black.

Sabine Weber, 2018-09-13

Red - Black - Blue - Peach - White - Yellow (my ranking)

Ich denke ernsthaft über ein iPhone Xr nach... vor dem Event dachte ich das es definitiv ein Xs wird.

Matthias Welling , 2018-09-14

Yeah the Red is great, have this color for current iPhone and it looks awesome.
But taste is a topic that you can argue lots about .....

Ingo Harpel, 2018-09-14

White Xs Max, yellow, red, blue, coral, white, black

Tobias Hauser, 2018-09-14

Volker, why categorically not yellow and orange? Reminiscent of the Lumias 1040 and 930.

Jochen Kattoll, 2018-09-14

Ein so teures Smartphone würde bei mir in einer dicken Hülle verschwinden. Ich würde mich daher wohl für weiß entscheiden.
Das Rot finde ich auch sehr gelungen aber aufgrund einer Affinität zu einem weiß-blauem Fußballverein scheidet das bei mir aus.

Henning Heinz, 2018-09-14

Unabhängig von der Farbe: Mir gefällt das matte Aluminium an den Seiten - viel besser als der glänzende Edelstahl der X(S) Serie.

Jochen Kattoll, 2018-09-14

I would go with blue because it really stands out to me like it isn't an ordinary phone it is actually special to us.

Jaymin Jitesh Patel, 2018-12-12

i have the coral, didn't think i would like the color but its pretty in person and i think i might love it. getting a clear case to show it off (:

Maria I Rodriguez, 2018-12-20

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