iPhone price development

by Volker Weber


This is a brilliant chart by @asymco that shows where prices are heading. It shows how the Xs Max drives prices up to new heights, and it shows that iPhone 7, 8, and Xr can be relatively affordable, if you don't opt for the large storage option.


Shouldn't the inflation be taken into here as well?

Lutz Lengemann, 2018-09-13

Gilt das auch für gebrauchte iPhones, also proportional? Wo kauft man sinnvoll ein gebrauchtes iPhone? Sowas wie rebuy oder clevertronic?

Clemens Müller, 2018-09-13

Shows nicely how prices stayed the same for same storage amounts with the transitions 4S to 5 and 5s to 6 which both were significant upgrades.
7 Plus to X is the big jump.
X/Xs to Xs Max (introduction of larger model) shows the same gap as there was between 6/6s/7 and their respective Plus siblings with the same amount of storage.

So far little talk about the price increase of the Apple Watch including an AppleCare price hike from 65 to 99€ compared to last year’s model. Seems series 4 is generally seen as a significant update (compare to the Apple event joke in the beginning)

Tobias Hauser, 2018-09-13

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