Stainless Steel all the way

by Volker Weber


Whether it's the iPhone X[S] or the new Apple Watch, they all come in three colors, and I like the Stainless Steel variant best. For the steel band, Apple has chosen to go forward with the Milanese Band, which has always been the best variant. The aluminium Watch gets the job done, just as well as this Hermès version. But I find this one to be the most pretty.


My series 0 was of the steel variant. The material was scratched far to easily.
Chose aluminum for my current series 3 LTE (Nike edition) which looks like new after a year. Will be swapped for a series 4 LTE Nike edition.
Did they switch to a harder stainless steel after the initial series?

Tobias Hauser, 2018-09-15

Stainless steel all the way! Extremely robust - never got a scratch and I didn‘t treet it particularly well. Of course there are abrasions but look at your Rolex, it has them too. And that‘s fine: Watches tell time and each scratch represents the object‘s history. What I find more important is the fact that the stainless version comes with saphire glass which is so much more robust than the (bla bla hardened) glass. No comparison there. Good thing is Apple offers all those variants and we can pick the one each of us likes (Gold is ;-) ) best.

Markus Dierker, 2018-09-16

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