Upgrade to iOS 12 now

by Volker Weber


Usually I would recommend to play it safely with software updates and just wait for the first bugs to be ironed out. This time I feel different. The benefits outweigh the risk in a big way.

  1. Your iPhone or iPad will get significantly faster, which is more noticeable the older it is. An iPhone 6 or an iPad Air was barely usable on iOS 11. I have used both of them on iOS 12 since Developer Beta 1, and they feel rejuvinated.
  2. Notifications work a whole lot better, because they are grouped by app. That is a long overdue feature.
  3. iOS 12 is much more secure in many ways. It handles passwords better and it will also protect you from tracking more effectively.

You don't have to use any of the new features. Just upgrade and continue to use it like before. If there is one thing you need to check out, it's Screen Time. It lets you manage how much you are using your device and it will also enable to do it for your kids.

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I'll do an update ASAP (the iPhone 6 of my wife).
I,m waiting for the Xr, yellow (of course).
Best regards from Spain

Martín Ortega, 2018-09-18

My X is quicker, or is just an impression. But my daughter's Mini 4 is way faster.

Horia Stanescu, 2018-09-18

Your X is already very fast. So it is hard to tell the difference. On older hardware it is more noticeable.

Volker Weber, 2018-09-18

I second this recommendation: My 6s runs like a charm and I'm rethinking my plan to update to Xr / Xs.

Henning Wriedt, 2018-09-18

Keep it. It's still a good phone. Apple supports phones two years older than yours.

Volker Weber, 2018-09-18

Yes I know the support cycles are unmatched in the industry and (like in my case) might even cut into short term revenues - in the long term, Apple keeps a very happy customer.

By the way: Do you think the 6s will be a good match with a watch series 4? Or would the watch be a reason / need to upgrade the phone to Xr/Xs. I'd be interested in your insight.

Henning Wriedt, 2018-09-18

Of course. It works with an iPhone 5S. Get LTE support and you will start leaving your iPhone behind

Volker Weber, 2018-09-18

Upgraded and my fingerprint reader that I thought was broken, works again! How cool is that??

Ingo Seifert, 2018-09-18

@vowe: Apple Watch LTE models needs iPhone 6 as minimum requirement - don´t think this has been changed with Series 4 to 5s - are you sure?

Tobias van der Plas, 2018-09-18

Tobias, you are right. I was sloppy. Here are the specs:

Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular) requires an iPhone 6 or later with iOS 12 or later. Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS) requires an iPhone 5s or later with iOS 12 or later. Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) requires an iPhone 6 or later with iOS 11 or later. Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) requires an iPhone 5s or later with iOS 11 or later.

But Henning has a 6S, so he is good.

Volker Weber, 2018-09-18

Bei mir funktioniert leider seit dem Update die Sparkassen App nicht mehr. Geht auf und direkt wieder zu. Habe nach dem Update direkt sämtliche Apps auf den neusten Stand gebracht.

Pocket Casts kam heute schon zweimal auf die Idee einfach einen Podcast weiterlaufen zu lassen, den ich heute Morgen angefangen hatte zu hören. Kam vorhin aus der Dusche und das Handy hat fröhlich vor sich hin erzählt. Das kann - je nachdem was man da so hört, zu der einen oder anderen Diskussion führen ;-) 5 Minuten später ging es dann wieder los. Außer mir war niemand in der Wohnung und die Apple Watch hatte ich nicht an. Liegt also vermutlich an dem Update auf das aktuelle Pocket Cast.

Ben Uris, 2018-09-19

Ben, von der Sparkassen-App gab es vor 13h ein Update, das die Kompatibilität mit iOS 12 herstellt. Schau doch mal ob du diese Version schon drauf hast.

Die DKB PushTan-App hatte die gleichen Probleme, wurde aber schon vor ein paar Tagen aktualisiert. Entwickler ist in beiden Fällen StarFinanz.

Jochen Schug, 2018-09-19

Danke, Jochen!

Volker Weber, 2018-09-19

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