Clean Desk

by Volker Weber


If you have ever been here, you will know that my desk always looks like this. I don't like decoration and I need to be focused. And yes, this Mid 2011 iMac is old enough that it cannot be upgraded to Mojave. I have thrown out the failed 1 TB Seagate and replaced it with a 1 TB Samsung SSD. It is still good as new. Another great Apple investment.



Except for the glass table top I'd 100% go with that. I thought the black surface with the tufts is your table top (from the photos).
The iMac is rock solid, I have one from 2009 for my homestudio - and it's still fast and stable. I don't care about Mojave on the old machines, I am happy that my 2013 MBP runs it now.

Oliver Busse, 2018-09-26

I have both a glass and a black table. They are both clean.

Volker Weber, 2018-09-26

what is this Baseball for?

Felix Kluge, 2018-09-26

I have a glass top desk, too, and I don't like it. Way too cold in the winter.

Mick Moignard, 2018-09-26

I wonder what the slots on your iMac is for? Venting? :-)

Martin Kautz, 2018-09-26

A desk to aspire to (mine is a mess). But how can you cope with the first iteration of the Magic Trackpad? The Magic Trackpad 2 is just so much more useable!

Chris Lindley, 2018-09-26

Never had a different one. Works fine for me.

Volker Weber, 2018-09-26

Beeindruckend! Aber wie lädst du deinen Gerätefuhrpark? (Kopfhörer, Handys etc)

Stephan Herz, 2018-09-30

Links neben dem iMac steht ein udoq. Die Tischsteckdose hat dazu zwei USB-Ports.

Volker Weber, 2018-09-30

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