The most delicate repair

by Volker Weber


This has been the most delicate repair I have done so far. This iPhone has a broken speaker, which sits in the lower corner here. Opening up the phone is pretty easy if you have the right tools. Then we disconnected the battery and removed the screen, which isn't really necessary when you work with four hands.

The repair wasn't successful on the first try and we did it all over again, this time not disconnecting the four connectors for the screen. It still involves a lot of very tiny PH000 screws of different lengths. Managing those screws and having a magnetic screwdriver is essential.

With a very cheap replacement part and a bit of quality time the iPhone is working as designed.


I once had a broken speaker in my Phone after I had cleaned the lightning port with a vacuum cleaner from fluff. The port was pretty clean and the cable snapped into again.

Bert Oberholz, 2018-09-27

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