Apple Watch Series 4 :: Old bands fit perfectly

by Volker Weber


Watch Series 4 is larger than Series 0 through Series 3. And still, the bands fit perfectly. All the variations of the Watch body never broke compatibility with Watch bands. If you got a fancy band for your original Watch, you can still use it today.


Hey, this one wasn´t in your collection last week, and now you have two of them.
My link bracelet arrived today... can´t wait to get home and put it on.

Jorge Reis Pires, 2018-10-02

That´s what I like about Apple - sustainability.

They seem to care about their products: Watch Bands, Lightning Connector, MacBook, iMac... you name it. These things last for ages, because they are well designed - not only from their outer apperance, but also because of their durability, comfort and compatability.

Jorge Reis Pires, 2018-10-02

I guess it's only one wristband. But the two parts are installed separately on two watches ;-)

I like the appearance of the link bracelet. Ordered mine yesterday.

Tobias Vogel, 2018-10-02

This is the very reason that led me to cancel my preorder of an Apple Watch Nike Edition and get a stainless one instead. I still own the link bracelet from my Series 0 and never really liked the look of it on a black aluminium watch.

Jochen Schug , 2018-10-02

Jorge, it is only one, but it has two ends. And no, it was not in my collection last week.

Also, not all Apple products are durable. Cables often break directly at the plug. But the design is. That is why I was so amused about rumors that Apple would ditch Lightning on the iPhone. The plug itself is superior to USB.

Volker Weber, 2018-10-02

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