Microsoft Surface Event

by Volker Weber


Microsoft did not bother with a live stream of the Surface Event in New York City. Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2 get an update to the 8th Intel Core generation and are supposed to be 50% faster than the last generation. RAM now starts at 8 GB. Microsoft also introduced a new Surface Studio. New devices start shipping in two weeks. Oh, and they also come in black now.

There will also be Surface Headphones for the hoiliday season. They are in the $350 class like the headsets I just reviewed. They come with two wheels on the cans that let you dial in your preferred level of active noise cancellation and adjust the volume. They also have on-ear sensors that will pause media or mute calls when you take them off. It all reminds me of the original Plantronics backBeat Pro, only much prettier. Since your ears probably are not round, they will look huge on your head. The Surface Headphones ae also Cortana-enabled, which I hope means you could also use Siri or Google Assistant. Otherwise they are about as desirable as a Bixby headset.


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