Apple Music playlists not playing in order? Here is your fix.

by Volker Weber


There is a button on each album or playlist that says Shuffle. If you hit that button, it will shuffle your tracks. And if you hit it again, it will re-shuffle instead of turning shuffle mode off.

The toggle is hidden somewhere else. Go to the mini-player at the bottom of the page, open that sheet until you see a large artwork. Now push that screen up until you see the Shuffle and Repeat toggles.

This brilliant UX is brought to you by the same people who also designed Airplay 2 so that most people get it completely wrong.


I use playlists in my car a lot and had the same issue. Somewhere in the past, I had hit that button accidentally (no glasses, fumbling with the phone in the dark car). It took me about 6 months to find the reason and how to solve it ... vowe is a good mother, even if I solved the issue myself in this case.

Axel Koerv, 2018-10-05

There are people who listen to a playlist in a particular order?! :-)

(I usually listen to electronic music podcasts, but with a different app. When tuning into my music collection, it's most likely the "Songs I like most from (pick a decade from the late past century)" smart playlist, so I'd rather prefer the random order in that case...)

Jean Pierre Wenzel, 2018-10-06

Which app do you use?

Volker Weber, 2018-10-06

Overcast (

I pay for the annual subscription and it’s by far the best podcast app I’ve ever used. It also can be used with CarPlay but I only briefly used it.

Jean Pierre Wenzel, 2018-10-06

I have installed it, used it, but I see no advantages over Apple's Podcasts app. Maybe if I subscribed to more than a handful of podcasts, it would become obvious.

Volker Weber, 2018-10-06

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