And a final post on the Domino V10 launch

by Volker Weber

IMG 4983

We covered HCL, the product, development, the event, but I also need to say something about IBM. They are responsible for marketing and sales. As little as I know about marketing, I think they did a terrific job. Focussing on the Domino V10 brand, with clear and consistent messages, a well prepared and high class venue and a good presentation. I liked how IBM showed that Domino works with other platforms like Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Workspace. IBM provided good screenshots and artwork to augment our coverage. There was enough technical detail to draw from instead of just some fluff press releases. Very well done.

More importantly, marketing is also supporting sales by offering up to 50% discount on license reinstallments and 20% on additional licenses, both good until the end of the year. >


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