Just a silly wishlist for the next Macbook

by Volker Weber

Inkedmbp13touch-space-select-201807 LI

I would like to fall in love with the Macbook again. There are a number of things that Apple could improve for that to happen:

  1. Fix the &$§% keyboard
  2. Bring back the Esc key
  3. Bring back the magsafe power connector
  4. Bring back an SD card reader
  5. Bring back a USB-A port
  6. Bring back a power button
  7. Add touch to the screen

You can't fit USB-A without making it thicker. That's fine. Just make the battery larger as well. If you add touch, maybe you can also add pen.


Yup. In particular 1-3 are a must.
I own one of the newer MBPs (the old one died, so I had to get a new one).
Since an editor that is not a vi is not an editor for me, I've already had some "fun" with the Esc "key"....

Martin Dietze, 2018-10-20

I would add another whish to the list: beeing able to handle two 5k Monitors as sold. It just does NOT work reliably. Especially in summer (yeah, I know it sounds weird)

Hubertus Alvensleben, 2018-10-20

The touch i fully agree. Pretty much the reason why my macbook remains unused meanwhile surface is still the favorit, would never miss that again.

Ingo Harpel, 2018-10-20

I very much agree to this Wishlist. One item is interesting though - you get most of the wischlist items if you take an "old" MacBook Air ... Did Apple do "Verschlimmbesserung" in the past couple of years?

Klaus Seibold, 2018-10-20

Oh yes, that would be perfect.

Ben Poole, 2018-10-20

I'd change #1 to "bring back the good old keyboard" and add #8 remove the touchbar

Oliver Busse, 2018-10-20

... bring back Thunderbolt (1, 2) interface(s).
Anybody else out there still using external Thunderbolt (1,2) HDs?
I do. For daily work. For fat TB backups of videos, photos, data, music. At least one HD is outside of my house, in a super safe & fire safe place, containing ALL of my stuff incl. OS.
I still do prefer MY OWN backups instead of someone else's cloud. Old school. Thunderbolt rulez ...

Stephan Perthes, 2018-10-20

Although all these wishes sound reasonable to me, it looks like you guys are maybe not the target group of apple anymore.

Thorsten Köbe, 2018-10-20

For me at least 1, 2, 3 and 5. And please bring back to old cursor key layout! The feeling of the keyboard is fine, I like it better now than the old. But it's very problematic for our company that you need to bring this thing for 2 weeks to an Apple Store if a key is broken, without the possibility to get a replacement device!

Oliver Simon, 2018-10-20

I agree to 1-6. Touch only makes sense -in my opinion- when keyboard and screen can be detached.

Oliver Stör, 2018-10-20

2 would be sufficient in my case. 4 would be a nice extra.

Markus Dierker, 2018-10-20

Oliver, Apple could invent a hinge that lets you fold the screen over backwards.

Volker Weber, 2018-10-20

I don’t really understand 6 – the Touch ID thing is also the power button (a real ‘push down’ power button too).

4 definitely! And I could live with the keyboard style if it were more reliable and had the old cursor key layout.

Here’s hoping!

Adrian Thomas, 2018-10-20

Adrian, this is a silly wishlist. NOTHING of that will happen.

Volker Weber, 2018-10-20

I think you knew two years ago [https://vowe.net/archives/015995.html] that no.7 would never happen, for idealogical rather than technical reasons.

Nick Daisley, 2018-10-20

Totally agree!
Klaus Seibolds comment is also true and the reason I recommend MBA for low power use cases. I also concur with Thorsten Köbe, that "we" moved out of target.
A device wich with a single connector for either charging or connectivity is a design wreck.
And a gazillion always broken, permanently displaced conversion cables are a design wreck and a very bad nightmare. That is the reason I am not investing in new Apple Mac HW.

Jörg Hermann, 2018-10-20

Jörg, the problem with multiple always broken or displaced adapters and conversion cables is a real pain but not limited to the apple cosmos.

Thorsten Köbe, 2018-10-20

I'd add one more item, which *might* actually happen: boost the Retina display to 3360x2100, instead of the pixel-doubled 1440x900 it is at present. I'm writing this on my late 2011 MBP with the high-res 1680x1050 display, and in many ways, the current Retina display is not adequate. For that matter, I'd love the return of the 17" MBP with a 3840x2400 display and a video card that doesn't die, but that will definitely never happen. Seriously, though, I don't see *any* new Apple macOS devices which I would buy without major reservations, even with an unlimited budget.

Richard Albury, 2018-10-20

The Retina display on my 2013 Macbook is inferior to my 2017 Surface Pro but I don't find it inadequate. It's the least of the problems I would have with buying one. The keyboard is my biggest problem, the ports make it a hassle. USB-A isn't going away, ever. I'd rather get a Lenovo X1 than a MacBook Pro as it stands. macOS or Windows 10, I simply don't care anymore. Both get the job done.

Volker Weber, 2018-10-20

Really nobody for Thunderbolt ?? Your alternatives?

Stephan Perthes, 2018-10-20

Thunderbolt and lightning
Very very frightening

Volker Weber, 2018-10-20

Seeing all these "bring back" items on a wish list for Apple made me chuckle.

Jörg Michael, 2018-10-20

I was thinking about a list like these in the past 5days. And here it is! Thank you. I hope apple see this and Beginn to think different.

Klaus Iwik, 2018-10-20

Agreed. I find the Touch Bar too annoying. Especially when I am asked by Siri what I want when I do not want anything and losing documents due to pressing escape accidentally. The touchbar is pretty, but it just does not work practically.

Andy Mell, 2018-10-20

Add IOS for iPad mode with Pen support.
I love the keyboard when it works. But now I have the first key with double keystrokes. Compressed air cant help. Need to send to service.
I Don´t need USB-A. Keep it flat. Magsafe only when 2-sided. Bring back the ESC-Key.

Goetz Herzog, 2018-10-21

Full ACK

Sami Bahri, 2018-10-26

Fully agree, especially with the SD Card Reader! I really hate carrying an unreliable dongle with me, i always need 2-3 tries until the damn SD Card is mounted. Never had that problem with the built-in reader on my old MacBook.

One thing i started to live with is the ESC key.. First i started using CTRL+C for VIM, and second I've switched CAPS LOCK to ESC. Who needs a Caps Lock anyway? This is one key Apple can get rid of, if it's up to me. (I take any bets, that there are more people using SD Cards, than Caps Lock).

Herbert Poul, 2018-10-27

I think the Touchpad needs to be bigger, it is not big enough yet!
Sorry, could not resist. I hate the Touchbar, and I need the Escape key, for not just vim.
And using (have to...) Outlook on a Mac, I have sent emails by accident before, but it only happens to me of course and nobody ever knows what I am talking about...

Alexander Koch, 2018-10-29

what would be the difference between the current power button and the power button on your MacBook?

Thomas Einwaller, 2018-10-29

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