Apple Watch is not really a watch

by Volker Weber

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Jony Ive interview in the Financial Times:

Sales are now such that Apple claims to be the number-one watch brand — though I question whether a wrist-worn device of this type is really a watch. His answer is surprising. “No, I think that this is a very powerful computer, with a range of very sophisticated sensors, that is strapped to my wrist. That’s neither very descriptive nor very helpful.” He laughs. “You and I share the same perspective and we had this same challenge with the product that we called the iPhone. Clearly the capability of the iPhone extends way beyond the function of what we would traditionally call a phone.”

I completely agree. However, Apple Watch competes with a traditional watch for some really valuable space: your wrist. For some people who value their traditional timepiece very much, that space is taken.

As long as you are willing to always carry a smartphone, you can keep your timepiece. Increasingly so, I want to leave the smartphone behind. And thus Apple Watch has become more important to me than the phone. LTE on the watch made that difference.

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