Surface Pro running with no issues whatsoever

by Volker Weber

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Yesterday I wrote about the bad out-of-the-box experience with a machine that is not on a current Windows version. Too many updates, too many reboots. And if you try to do anything while it's installing updates, you may end up with a broken installation. Terrible.

But there is good news: I have been running Windows 10 on Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) since last December without any issues whatsoever. Updates happen in the background, reboots during the night when I am sleeping. Windows keeps itself clean, it checks for virusses and other threats, it maintains a firewall, Edge checks for malicious links, downloads are screened and it is alerting me if there are any performance and health issues. The only thing that ever got reported was a driver that needed to be updated.

Best of all, there is a feature called "Fresh start" for all you tinkerers out there who not only read "How to improve your Windows 10" but then also apply all those tweaks recommended there. With all those quality issues Microsoft is having with the current update, things are moving in the right direction.


Glad, I'm playing Gloomhaven, so I haven't to search for a translation for "Tinker" ;)

A question based on the previous post: Wouldn't "Fresh start" be a convenient way to start with a not-new-but-newly-purchased Surface?
Or is it still important to whipe the machine, because the "some Windows settings" part of the "Fresh start" is relevant?

Nina Wittich, 2018-10-25

Having followed you over the years to OS/2 and then to Apple's OS/X, I have recently taken the plunge and moved to Windows10.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. It has improved a lot over the years. There are some things I miss from the Mac world - being able to drag an attachment directly from a mail to a folder / directory, for example, rather than having to save the attachment explicitly from within the mail. And the native use of the PDF format that is built into MacOS.

But for me, the hardware cost-advantage and the convenience of Windows Hello outweigh the advantages of an Apple Mac these days.

John Keys, 2018-10-25

My Windows10 lives on a machine without any Microsoft Logos. Every now and then certain parts fail and need a caretaker, most likely after a Windows update. It is annoying and something that doesn't happen with MacOS. Altogether with the free bloatware and unwanted ads, its what makes a it a no-go to switch to Windows right now. Since Apple decided to not deliver usable hardware any more, I am waiting for better times. Hopefully they come before the good old macbook dies.

Stefan Funke, 2018-10-25

@John, not sure which email you use, but certainly from Gmail and Outlook I can just drag and drop any attachment to a folder.

Armin Grewe, 2018-10-25

Armin - Thanks. I use the stand-alone mail program that comes with Windows. I prefer to consolidate my various mail accounts on the PC or the Mac instead of using a browser-based mail.
I will have a look at Outlook, I hadn't bothered setting it up or trying it.

John Keys, 2018-10-25

Nina, I don't think it helps. But I will try when I get the chance.

Volker Weber, 2018-10-25

@Stefan: Your MacOS lives on a machine without any Apple logo as well? ;-)

In other news I can relate. On my Dell machine it's only the Dell extra that annoy or get a hickup.

Natanael Mignon , 2018-10-26

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