A few thoughts on the Apple Special Event in Brooklyn today

by Volker Weber

ipad-pro smart-keyboard-apple-pencil 10302018 inline.jpg

Lots of new faces today, which I enjoyed very much. And the event was rounded out with a fantastic performance by Lana Del Ray. Play her latest song "Venice Bitch" from your favorite streaming service. Here it is on Apple Music. I am going to break up my thoughts into two sections. The old and the new.

The new iPad Pro finally walks into professional territory. This is a beast, performance-wise. The keyboard and Pencil no longer look like an afterthought but are designed with the iPad Pro. I will prefer this much over a MacBook and possibly even over my trusted Surface. It's that good. Did I mention you can charge the iPhone from the iPad? Just buy the cable. I see new dongles in my future.

Just for kicks I maxxed out an iPad Pro with 1 TB of storage, added a keyboard and Pencil and got to 2453 €:

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Sounds outrageous? Wait a second. A maxxed out Surface Pro gets you even higher and does not contain LTE support:

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„iPad Pro replaces Lightning with USB-C“ - do you feel that this is a preview of the future also for the iPhones? Could Apple really be thinking about ditching the Lightning port?

Ragnar Schierholz , 2018-10-30

Yes, they could. But I cannot predict if they will.

Volker Weber, 2018-10-30


Am I missing something or will it not be possible to hide the keyboard away with the new "Smart Keyboard"?
Looks like we'll need to get a second Folio without keyboard as well now...


Andreas Weinlein, 2018-10-30

At some point of time they will have to unify their charging infrastructure for their mobile devices. However, for me that doesn‘t matter anymore, i carge my phone wireless.

I think USB-C on the iPad PRO was the right decision. However, it is now holding me back to buy any new accessories for the lightning port, therefore further port unification makes more than sense.

Dominique Roller, 2018-10-30

Das Photoshop-Demo war schon sehr beeindruckend, wie auch die Spiele-Grafik mit voller Auflösung und Bildschirmwiederholrate...

Da hat Apple ganz schön was vorgelegt.

Harald Reisinger, 2018-10-30

Was iOS 12.1 announced/launched?

Horia Stanescu, 2018-10-30

This Time, i may opt for the bigger Pro. Comparsion between the 2 new Models seems not sooo much bigger then the older comparsion between 10.5 and the unwieldy 12.9. Must see them in person and hold them in the Hand before i decide...

But man, prices! 334€ for Keyboard and Pencil alone. At least they are much better then last time.

If the mini is self-servicable with own-bought SDRAM and PCie Drives i may even opt to replace my i7-7700 Hackintosh with one early next year. But i guess they will not allow this, which is a shame. MacBook Air looks nice (and pricey) too, but with a iPad Pro i didn't have the need for a notebook.

Bernd Hofmann, 2018-10-30

Ok, das wird bestellt. Ich muss nur noch studieren, wie viel Speicher ich brauche. Da rätsle ich etwas. Mit meinem jetzigen iPad Pro habe ich 128GB, und die langen bist jetzt. Was macht man mit 512GB oder sogar 1TB??? Das macht doch nur Sinn, wenn die Apps auch nachziehen. Damit meine ich nicht die Games, die für mich persönlich irrelevant sind (aber das Basketball-Spiel war schon genial...). Cool wäre zB eine iPad Version vom FCPX, mit Sync mit dem Mac. Dann könnte ich grössere Projekte mitnehmen, bearbeiten, und dann auf dem Mac finalisieren. Ein aktuelles Projekt hat 200GB (nur die Proxies), da macht 1TB Sinn (wenn man die Datenmenge per Kabel reinkriegt, forget the cloud). Aber für PDFs, ein paar Filme und Word? iPad Word ist zB superlangsam mit grösseren Docs und kann nur 1 Dok gleichzeitig offen haben, obwohl doch die Hardware-Specs vergleichbar oder besser sind als aktuelle Laptops?!

Peter Daum, 2018-10-30

If Apple now only matched the iPad with the MacBook Air giving the tablet a keyboard with a trackpad and the laptop a touchscreen ... - that's exactly why I stay with Surface Pro.

Jochen Kattoll, 2018-10-30

Volker, bekommt man das Lied jemals wieder aus aus dem Ohr? ;-)

Marc Henkel, 2018-10-30

Marc, da sehe ich schwarz.

Andreas, ich denke, man kann das Keyboard einfach nach hinten klappen. Oder man nimmt es ab. Mache ich bei Surface genauso.

Peter, die 1TB gibt es, weil das geht. Wie bei Surface auch. Ich denke, das ist vor allem was für Leute, die keinen anderen Rechnner mehr wollen, aber trotzdem satt Platz haben wollen. Meine Schwester würde das mit Fotos vollbekommen. Das Word wird vielleicht langsam, weil der Hauptspeicher zu Ende geht. iOS hat m.W.n. keine virtuelle Speicherverwaltung. Aber was weiß ich schon. Das 1 TB Modell bekommt übrigens 6 GB, die anderen nur 4, höre ich.

Volker Weber, 2018-10-30

Horia: yes, it was. I am downloading iOS 12.1 as we speak.

Jonas Rathert, 2018-10-30

I love the form factor, the design, the specs, the USB-C etc. But still, I do not know if it is worth the upgrade from my Pro 10.5, as I will never be able to use all the cool features and hardware. Hm.

Jonas Rathert, 2018-10-30

I agree. But I am coming from a 9.7 Pro. A new 12.9 is worlds apart.

Volker Weber, 2018-10-30

The only things I still use my Macbook Pro instead of my iPad currently are photo editing and printing. Seems with the new iPad I might be able to ditch the Macbook Pro.

Oliver Stör, 2018-10-30

I’m in the small minority but I’m really disappointed that this is the end of the line for the iPad mini, which is the perfect size for my needs. I like my iPhone XS and don’t want a bigger phone. I want an updated 7” tablet. I read the news every morning on it, use it to control my drone, and use it as my primary GPS/navigation device in my airplane. Nothing else will do.

Bill Greenberg, 2018-10-30

I am not jumping to conclusions with the consumer iPads. Apple only talked about mini, MacBook Air and iPad Pro. Tim mentioned the iPad mini and regular iPad in passing before moving on the iPad Pro. There may be another time when Apple updates those iPads.

Volker Weber, 2018-10-30

Did anyone notice? AirPower is dead.

I like the new Mac mini. But it was kind of rediculos to compare the old devices to the new ones, since the haven’t been updated for such a long time. It seems odd to sell that as apples achievement.
On the other hand: what should they do instead? Admit, that they screwed every iPad mini customer in the last two years? I think not.

Johannes Matzke, 2018-10-31

I just read that the CPU in the MacBook Air isn't one of the 15 W Ultrabook CPUs, but instead an even newer version just announced by Intel called Amber Lake and using only 7W of power.

Source: https://appleinsider.com/articles/18/10/30/new-macbook-air-powered-by-7w-intel-amber-lake-cpu

Dirk Steins, 2018-10-31

Interesting insights. Thank you, Dirk!

Volker Weber, 2018-10-31

Seeing the performance of the new iPad Pro I really consider to get rid of my Mac.
I still use the Mac at home but not that often as it would make sense to have that kind of machine.

Currently owning the small iPad Pro but as a Mac replacement it would be the bigger one for more screen space (especiall when using Split-Screen.

HArald Gärttner, 2018-10-31

Better make sure you get Apple Care with the new iPad Pro - it costs over 600 GBP to repair it at Apple without: https://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/3065451/apples-new-ipad-pro-will-be-wallet-busting-expensive-to-repair

John Keys, 2018-10-31

Excellent machine. Congratulations.

Volker Weber, 2018-11-03

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