Text selection with two fingers

by Volker Weber

This has been around for three years and I did not know this. Game changer.


Been using it for years. Love it.
Works on an iPhone with 3D touch too (I only recently discovered this):
Just hard press with one finger on the keyboard, and it turns into a trackpad.

Theo Heselmans, 2018-11-10

The trackpad I knew. Hard press when the phone has 3D Touch or long touch the space bar for devices that don't. But this text selection thing I did not know about. It's like a trackpad, but directly on the object itself, here: any text field.

Volker Weber, 2018-11-10

Hi, one caveat is, that in order to make this feature work the App which is used needs to support the build in iOS Text API. So it is not available in all Apps. Mobile Safari is one of these apps which are not working sadly.

Volker Neumann, 2018-11-10

Looks like many app developers are also not aware. Would be interesting to see a list of apps where this works. And would be nice if it also worked für text displays like the browser and not only for text input.

Ragnar Schierholz, 2018-11-11

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