Traveling with the iPad Pro and Beats Studio 3

by Volker Weber


This is my view from 10B on the Lufthansa A321. More legroom than I have ever enjoyed before.

I travel with very little luggage. For this overnight trip I just had a messenger bag with the iPad Pro 12.9, the Beats Studio 3, the tiny 5W iPhone charger, the 18W iPad Pro charger and a few USB cables for charging the iPhone and Apple Watch. Toothbrush, toothpaste and meds. And I could have left the Smart Keyboard Case behind.

At home I mostly use the iPad Pro in laptop mode but I quickly gave up taking notes this way. I used the iPad Pro exactly like I used Surface Pro before: OneNote with pen. Take photos with the camera and jot down text with Pencil. Upside: the iPad Pro camera is way better than Surface Pro. If you do try to use the keyboard, you will find that it sits much better on your lap, but unlike the Surface Type Cover it has no backlight. That never bothers me at home, but it did in a dimly lit conference venue.

It's just as easy to store Pencil as it is to store Surface Pen while you listen. I hold the tablet in portrait mode and attach the pen magnetically. Windows Hello does not work in this configuration on Surfaace Pro but FaceID on iPad Pro has not difficulties.

On my way to Madrid I had a window seat with hardly any legroom at all, and with my Beats Studio 3 on I always had to be nudged by my seat neighbor when a flight attendant needed my attention to hand me a drink or a meal. A meal? Yes, we had a warm meal both on the way to Madrid and back to Frankfurt and they were actually quite tasty. Noise cancelling on the Beats was perfect, much better than I expected. I used them for a couple of hours on both days and never bothered checking the battery. You can use them on iPhone, iPad and Watch without re-pairing, but you need to go into Settings/Bluetooth and hit Connect to switch them over, when all devices are online.


I’m glad you liked Madrid, but is it because of the iPad Pro keyboard that you have quite a few spelling mistakes in this text?

Frank Quednau, 2018-11-22

Hi Volker,
I also use OneNote with the pen.
Most of the time for handwritten notes.
It always surprised me, how well the recognition of my handwriting worked.
I could find almost any of my handwritten words via the search function.
Since a few weeks this doesn’t work anymore.

Did you experienced the same or is it just my problem?


Michael Jäckel, 2018-11-22

Also my preferred row on the A321 when travelling "Holzklasse". ;-) In particular when the door is also used for boarding. Just wait until the end, step as the last person onto the aircraft and sit down.

Federico Hernandez, 2018-11-22

Michael, I have no idea. Never searched for handwritten notes.

Volker Weber, 2018-11-22

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