30 percent off all Affinity apps and tools

by Volker Weber


When iPad Pro was announced they made a big fuss about Adobe Photoshop coming out in 2019. You don't have to wait for that to happen. Affinity has some great tools that replace Adobe apps: Affinity Photo (Photoshop), Affinity Designer (Illustrator) and soon Affinity Publisher (InDesign). Very affordable and well done. Today they are 30 percent off. Go get them.

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Tja auf den Publisher warte ich schon länger.

Samuel Orsenne, 2018-11-23

Die Publisher Beta ist für Mac bereits verfügbar und läuft - bei mir - ohne Probleme. Man kann sich schon mal rantasten.

Tobias Vogel, 2018-11-23

Thank you very much for the recommendation - shall give this a go. I see that these are products of Serif software: I was an early adopter of PagePlus back in 1991 - the first time a Pagemaker-type package had become available at a price that ordinary (non-corporate) mortals could afford.

Nick Daisley, 2018-11-23

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