The Google Graveyard

by Volker Weber


Quite impressive collection.

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Try. Fail/Succeed. Try next. Great recipe.

René Winkelmeyer, 2018-11-26

Google follows a simple rule: out of 100 innovations, 10 will go to market and only 1 will persist. Not many companies do so, the culture of failure is yet to be developed in most companies.

Axel Koerv, 2018-11-26

Not many companies can afford this.

Karl Heindel, 2018-11-26

To be honest. What I really miss is Google Reader.

Tobias Müller, 2018-11-26

Erinnert mich an den Friedhof der Eissorten von Ben&Jerry's:

Oliver Regelmann, 2018-11-26

Ich vermisse Picasa. Es gibt immer noch keinen brauchbaren Ersatz dafür.

Sven Dietrich , 2018-11-26

Google Reader, I second that.

Alexander Koch, 2018-11-27

I do think that some are misunderstanding the concept of „embracing failure“ or „failing fast“ ... killing released products after 8 years or 11 years or so has really nothing to do with that. In fact in that concept the goal is to fail _before_ you release the product, when you release it you don‘t want it to fail anymore, it can be sub-perfect for incremental improvements which iterations again can fail fast and often during development, but what you really don‘t want is a shitty customer experience because you make your customer suffer your failures.

Then again of course the question here is: who was the customer. ;-)

Martin Hiegl, 2018-11-27

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