Lenovo Yoga C930 :: Moving along

by Volker Weber

Annotation 2018-12-23 145614

I was tired of fixing Microsoft Account sync settings and just moved on. Exported all the Edge bookmarks on Surface Pro and imported them on Lenovo Yoga.

I have to be pragmatic here. There aren't many people who run five Windows PCs in parallel. For now I am moving the heavy loads from Surface Pro to Yoga C930, so I will be able to swap Surface Pro the second week of January. If you want to continue looking at new machines, you have to stay nimble and move on. I don't believe in unbox, test a few days, and then review. I want to expose myself to a machine for a much longer period.

This Yoga C930 deserves a good ride. Yeeehah!


Do you find yourself syncing more with Edge or FireFox (or....)

Eric Mack, 2018-12-23

Eric, rule of thumb: I always use the default browser. Safari on macOS and iOS, Edge on Windows. Exception: on Android I use the Chromium-based Brave instead of Chrome. Settings are largely default, with added tracking protection, Flash disabled. No plugins, no extensions.

Firefox is my secondary browser for those sites that don't bother to test native browsers. Shining example: IBM.

Johannes, mit Windows 10 wirst Du nur zurechtkommen, wenn Du es schon länger kennst. Das ist eine verrückte Mischung von alt und neu. Allerdings läuft darauf auch eine Menge Zeugs, das es für iOS/macOS nicht gibt.

Volker Weber, 2018-12-23

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