New Sonos S18 Satellite Speaker Pops Up in FCC Filing :: Variety

by Volker Weber

Annotation 2019-01-01 173024

Smart speaker maker Sonos seems to be readying a satellite speaker to bring true surround sound as well s voice control to its Playbar soundbar, if a new FCC filing is any indication. A Sonos spokesperson declined to comment on the filing.

The heavily redacted filing, which was published by the FCC Monday, describes a new Sonos device with the model number S18, which has both Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity. Photos and other documents aren’t included in the public version of the filing, but one slip-up gives us a good idea of what S18 will be.

FCC filings are easy to find, if you know what you are searching for. In this case and the next Sonos product will likely be RM017.

The Variety piece does not make sense to me yet. If Sonos wanted to add voice control to a Playbar surround, they could also make use of Sonos One back channel speakers.

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Support of Dolby Atmos would be next logical step.

Gabriel Schneider, 2019-01-01

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