WTF is Sommerwampe? :: I have a better translator for you

by Volker Weber


John recently asked me what Sommerwampe is. I had written a casual article about how habits, good or bad, change our lives for the better or worse. And I was referring to a mistake I made. I did not go on the scales this summer and ended up with quite a belly because of bad nutrition and neglect. I called it my summer belly and created a new German word for it: Sommerwampe, loosely translatable as summer womb.

If you translate my text with Google Translate or the competing Microsoft Translator, it will not be able to decode that. German has this nice rule that you can concatenate nouns to make new nouns, which quickly breaks translators. But it does not break DeepL. I told John about it and he tweeted:

If you try to follow my German texts and Google Translate will make you scratch your head, go ahead and try DeepL.

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We use DeepL for a couple months now.

My french sister in law checked a historical text i translated to french. Her comment: Nice wording, no mistake...

Hubertus Amann, 2019-01-02

I often have to provide abstracts or summaries for scientific proposals or reports in German and English and I always turn to in any direction. Only very little corrections needed ...

Oswald Prucker, 2019-01-02

We've got a Pro account for the company and we love it. Besides the quality of the translation between the supported languages (Google has way more), another great DeepL feature is the translation of formatted Word and PowerPoint files. Works like a charm.

Thomas Cloer, 2019-01-02

I can't fully agree. Try Deepl with the some Editorials of the New York Times. Throw some articles in - the german results, you'll revceive, are rediculous! I know, Newspaper articles are a difficult subject to deal with. But the results are in contrast to the good reputation Deepl is said to have.

Dirk Vorbau, 2019-01-04

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