Second week of 2019 is in #dontbreakthechain

by Volker Weber


Did you make it?



Armin Auth, 2019-01-13

Yep. And from tomorrow on with a new Series 4 watch. Upgrading from a Series 0 one. She has served me well.

Federico Hernandez, 2019-01-13


Markus Kriesten, 2019-01-13

Of course

Thomas Felsch, 2019-01-13


Marc Henkel, 2019-01-13

Yo - 2/2

Jochen Herold, 2019-01-13

First perfect week, all 13 days of 2019 so far. Thanks for the inspiration, Volker.

Stuart McIntyre, 2019-01-14

Yes. Thanks a lot Volker!

Daniel Stahlhut, 2019-01-14

Volker, thanks to your inspiration I am now on day #102 !

Matthew Langham, 2019-01-14


Joerg Richter, 2019-01-14

Unfortunately one day of sickness kept me from it. In the week before I also didn't get the achievement, though all rings were closed.
But the spirit is still there.

Patrick Bohr, 2019-01-14

Patrick, Watch shows the achievement immediately. The iPhone app currently takes a few days to process them.

Volker Weber, 2019-01-14

Sure. But that was easy, still holiday time. Now, back to the workbench, is the challenge.

Sven Richert, 2019-01-14


@Sven: I find it harder during vacation.

Ingo Erdmann, 2019-01-14

Did it again :-)

Anton Seissl, 2019-01-14

Mit Krückstock und Stahl im Bein: yep. Trotzdem geschafft

Stephan H. Wissel, 2019-01-14

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