HCL is getting the band together

by Volker Weber


Ever since the curious 'partnership' between IBM and HCL around the IBM Collaboration Solutions' products — HCL would develop and service Notes & Domino and IBM would keep sales and marketing (!) — I wondered how this would play out. Towards the end of the year the companies announced that HCL would buy out IBM and be responsible for Notes & Domino, Connections, Sametime, Portal and what not. Product Management, Marketing, Sales, Development, Service, everything. Watson Workspace was not part of the deal and is being discontinued.

And there was one particular person I was interested in hearing about. No, not Ed Brill, who has moved on to Press Ganey for a new career. I was thinking about Uffe Sorensen, currently the Sales Director at IBM for the collaboration platform. I have known Uffe "forever" and clearly, this job would no longer be at IBM. Would he hold on to a different position or just retire. He has been at IBM for more than 48 years and he was going to see how IBM can celebrate a 50 year veteran. (→ There is no provision beyond 40 years service.)

As it turns out, Uffe isn't ready to retire. And he is not going to stick it out with IBM. Uffe is joining the band at HCL:

(Reference to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy omitted, vowe)... I thrive in a particular environment - and seek that out. I started with IBM in July 1970 (SIC) working with APL/360: an ingenious interactive environment to help business professionals express their business problems and gain IT support to resolve - by yourself. The very first "citizen developer" environment - using IBM 1052 and IBM 2741 typewriter terminals ;o)

But we did wonders - didn't know this would eventually be known as "analytics", "big data", "citizen developers", "portals", what have you.

I'll stay close: I have joined HCL and will continue the #dominoforever voyage on a new vessel under Richard Jefts' lead. I remain committed to helping you and everyone taking advantage of this unique technology and to support the future development and growth of the Domino family as HCL offerings.

I have witnessed the huge change in velocity since IBM and HCL announced the IP partnership in 2017 through the shipment of Domino V10 in 2018.

To me, this is the way to go - and I trust you'll stay with us on this journey.

If you have any doubts, I would love to dispel your concerns... And ensure that HCL exceeds your expectations delivering a high Return On your Investments !

I have lots of good things to say about Uffe, but I will let him speak for himself here. I am looking forward to being in touch in the future.

Next stop: HCL is bringing Episode 2 of The Factory Tour to Milan at the end of February. Who knows who is going to show up there?


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