Perfektes Foto-Erklärbärvideo

by Volker Weber

Jetzt verstehe auch ich die technischen Zusammenhänge.


I switched to Fuji cameras a few years ago (from Canon). They make me enjoy photography in a way I had forgotten about. I love the colors/look of the pix(Fuji has a different type of sensor from Nikon/Canon). I think the look of the camera itself is super cool. It's a throwback to analog cameras which looks great plus I can change settings (ISO/DOF/etc) manually, even though I can do this digitally as well. I love the way they look, feel & the result + they're cheaper & lighter. Highly recommended.

Amy Blumenfield, 2019-04-16

Which one are you using? Some of my photos are from a lowly X10, especially the macro shots. I also have an X-Pro 1 but hardly ever use it.

Volker Weber, 2019-04-16

I also moved to Fuji cameras a few years ago and never looked back. My first Fuji was an X-M1, then I had an X100S and now I own an X-T10 with the 23mm f/2 and 90mm f/2 lenses (this last one is an amazing portrait lens). I also used to have the 27mm f/2.8 pancake lens and the 35mm f/2, which I sold in the meantime.

I highly recommend the Fuji cameras because of their handling and beautiful colours.

Pedro Meireles, 2019-04-16

I moved from Cancon fullframe to Fuji. I love the body size and many of their small, but outstanding prime lenses. But, i hate the xtrans sensor. It has mayor disadvantages compared to the bayer sensors which are used in every other digital camera. Maybe good for "out of cam" jpegs (which are very much better then from most other cams), but a pain in the ass if you are using Lightroom for raw postproduction. for me a typical failed development which will disappear in a few years. My opinion.

Roland Dressler, 2019-04-17

I am still on DSLR. Two years ago I purchased a new full frame body (Canon) after lenghty considerations what to do. Regarding handling and image quality, I am pretty satisfied. In more current implementations, even LiveView has become a very usable feature. I opted for a DSLR body again mainly due to my legacy lenses. No good business case to sell them for a comparably low price and then to buy new ones at pretty high rates. If I would start from scratch, I would probably go for a Fuji or Sony mirrorless system. But: the strongest competitor is my iPhone Xs camera, as it is always with me. Nowadays I pick the DSLR only for special purposes.

Sven Bühler, 2019-04-17

I started with a X-100, liked it for simplicity and replaced this with newer versions over time. Now I have also other Bodys from the X-Range. Then a series is replaced with a newer version, the old cameras can get incredible cheap, but the excellent image quality persists.

With the current iterations all the X-Models provide modern and performant soft- and hardware. All make good, almost identical photos. I always chose the one that appeals me most:

Need for larger viewer or tethering: X-Pro or X-T3/2
Need for better portability: X-E3 or X-T30
Prefer the viewer on the side, instead of the middle: X-Pro or X-E3
Prefer an additonal control on the top: X-T3/2 or X-T30

There are other minor features like a display that swivels, but that does usually not have impact to the photo but how you can use the camera.

My recommendation: Go to a store, get all camera in your hand and play with each of them and get the that feels best for.

Next step are the lenses. There are plenty of excellent lenses available from Fuji ans there are some must haves.

Dominique Roller, 2019-04-17

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