The Prisoner of Echo Special :: The New Yorker

by Volker Weber


The New Yorker is my favorite publication, for its long form reading. Case in point this story about Steve Wood and Mohamedu Salahi:

In 2004, Steve Wood was deployed to Guantánamo Bay, as a member of the Oregon National Guard. He and his comrades were told that many of the detainees were responsible for 9/11 and, given the opportunity, would strike again. “I just remember being super excited, because I thought, I’m going to be doing something important,” Wood told me. For two weeks, he worked as a guard in the cellblocks, monitoring men who had been captured on the battlefields of Afghanistan. Then a sergeant major pulled him aside for a brief interview, and assigned him to work the night shift in Echo Special, a secret, single occupancy unit that had been built to house the United States military’s highest value detainee.

Warning: This is a very long read, over two dozen pages, and it will touch you in a profound way.

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Faszinierender Artikel!

Unglaublich wie Nazi-Methoden auch heute noch, ohne Probleme, Einzug in unsere westliche Lebensweise finden.

Danke für den Lesetipp, der mich dazu treibt jetzt auch doch noch mehr über Murat Kurnasz lesen.

Maximilian von Hulewicz, 2019-05-06

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