The story behind :: Why Microsoft partners

by Volker Weber

This makes complete business sense. Lots of people did not get the message. Don't be last one.


I like this new Satya led Microsoft way more than the previous iteration. Internally, it's a different place - there are still a few holdouts but generally, the priorities and how we work has changed significantly. And perceptions seem to be changing externally as well, both amongst civilians and (some) techies & the stock market too, which is very nice as a stockholder. From my personal perspective, where I focus on privacy, I can confirm that privacy is being considered a differentiator rather than a tax. They're still a big corp and there are some decisions I disagree with but generally, I am really happy with the new direction and am proud of the company I work for.

Amy Blumenfield, 2019-06-07

I recently re-watched this rather illuminating (but unskilfully handled) interview with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, from as far back as 2007. I was struck at the time by the number of times the word ‘partnership’ and its synonyms appeared - Steve complimenting Bill for being good at it etc.
I don’t think it is flannel - the two of them knew each other too well, and so did their audience - although some of us frankly had less comfortable experiences with Microsoft.

Nick Daisley, 2019-06-09

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